Don’t Wait For A Tech Co-Founder

When an ecosystem sees a Boom, everyone wants to get on the Bandwagon. This is true for Cities, Sectors of Industry and Career Fields too. When I was getting into College, what discipline you choose was more dependent on what field your parents & relatives thought was doing well rather than what you likes (Luckily I had no such issues)

Over the last 4 years I have been going around to a lot of events in the Mobile & Startup space. And at most all the events I always come across someone from a non tech background trying to get a Tech Company off the ground and looking for Tech Co-Founders. It might be due to the perception that Tech Companies make people Rich and Famous, or that most solutions to problems require Technology to be the means to the end.

Where I sometimes have issues with this when the Non Tech Founders don’t want to spend time and effort to learn coding. Getting a Tech Cofounder seems to be the easy way out. But, If one was to take the easy way out why even think of building a company, that’s probably the hardest thing to do.

Have you ever heard of a Tech guy looking to build a startup and searching for a non tech co-founder? If the Tech guy can learn sales, Business & Marketing, why can’t it work the other way.

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