Windows Phone 8

Approximately 9 months after Windows Phone 8 launched, I brought a Nokia Lumia 520. My friends called me a traitor, my mom said why would you buy a windows phone, my boss said enjoy re-syncing your life.

But have a strange likeliness towards the Windows Phone, it's simple & smooth. Yes, there are a lot of issues with the OS, the biggest of which is that the AppStore experience is pretty much junk, but the experience is beautiful when an App is built right. I have always been a fan of live tiles, it's contact management is almost as powerful as Android.

The Product team needs to start focusing on the small things that matter, the resume screen for example: As apps don't run in the background, apps are brought back to life per say by showing a loading screen, which makes the experience very very slow. Also either only Indians give reviews or MS has decided that it will only show reviews of my fellow countrymen, which well, usually sucks.

WP has a solid foundation in terms of UI/UX, hopefully MS can leverage this, in an agile manner.

Right now I am juggling between my Samsung S4 and Lumia 520. Let's see how this goes.