Cloudy with a chance of no email

I have had no access to my email for 2 days now after being the lucky 0.02% of the Gmail users who's mail went poof in the cloud.

The only bright side was I have access to the rest of my Google related accounts which are not connected directly connected to Gmail restored today after Google totally disabled my account for more than 24 hours. The Services still affected are Gmail , Gtalk , Contacts and for some strange reason the Android Market which some people on the internet say works in sync with Gtalk.

A year ago the disruption would not have mattered a lot , but after getting an Android phone Google services have become an integrated part of my life. It stores my email , my contacts , I back my SMS in Gmail , my call logs on the calendar , the birthdays and anniversaries of everyone I know. Without these services my smartphone seems as smart as a brick.