Facebook Messaging

Facebook announced their Modern Messaging System which got both negative and positive reviews on twitter. Some called it Wave 2 and others cant wait to use it. Personally I am still not sure what it is. At first glanced it looks like a communication aggregator , A TweetDeck for communication if you may say so, not necessarily will all the plus points of TweetDeck . Here is a video Facebook posted about the product

  • Everyone will get an email id which would be the same as their Facebook public address.
  • Facebook then connects all your conversations across various services into one place. So a friend can message you via chat and you can respond using email or SMS. Also all the communication between you and your friend will be stored in one place and according to my understanding irrespective or context. Which means that your fighting conversations with your girlfriend would be packed in one place with your conversation about you saying something nice about her which I don’t think is necessarily a good thing.
  • You can setup the system up such that only your friends can send you emails and Facebook bounces everyone else.
  • Also to give you more control Facebook allows to select the medium through which you want to send the message , which means you are constantly going to keep thinking which medium your friend will respond to the quickest which is basically a problem statement in the video above not to mention an extra click between you and your friend.
  • Facebook always said people don’t make lists but now Facebook wants you to group people into folders according to their importance , so either Facebook made a wrong assumption of people or people will just put everyone in one folder with both real and unnecessary conversations in once place.
  • We do use various different forms of communication , which is more work but we do it to form separation across our social network. Only the closest of friends have my phone number but I have nearly everyone I like or kinda-sorta-like on Facebook, and only colleagues on Skype. Aggregating all the forms of communication might just create more problems than solve them.
  • Also unlike Google’s off the record feature Facebook gives an option to delete selected messages , which tends to be troublesome as you now need to remember to make Facebook forget that the conversation ever happened.

What was also interesting to note is all the question the people were asking at the end of the announcement. Questions like what about spam? Not all my friends are real friends can they now email me? and a few more. Facebook seemed ill prepared for a few , Check out the entire stream below.

At first glance this system seems less useful than Google Wave was , how successful it will be depends on how the users will use it , which might be totally different than how Facebook planned for it to be used. Once I get to use it I will post a definitive Win/Fail for this product.