Rise of Adobe Flash on Smartphones with Android

If my math is correct nearly 10% of the smartphones worldwide can now run flash, and that number is only going to rise. How?

Android now owns 25% of the market share as stated by recent Gartner reports . Within Android, 36% of the phones run 2.2 which can run Adobe flash and Adobe Air. As Android makes rises to market dominance at #1 as reported by the various analysts Adobe Flash is only going to get more ubiquitous and to be frank not “die”. The death of Flash is largely exaggerated. Its not easy to just get rid of something that has been dominant for a decade.

Even with HTML 5 coming into the picture as a worthy competitor it is far from being a standard. The web innovates too quickly and browser companies try to push anything that can give them an edge into the standards. Even now there are a bunch of things only Chrome can run and vice-versa for other browsers. Now this is great of the end consumer as it pushes innovations but a possible hassle for developers who need to make their app run on every browser. Flash takes all these issues out for both developers and consumers , consumers can use any browser to consume content and developers can target all consumers while Adobe worries about compatibility and more importantly security ( which it is trying to address using sand-boxing).