Samsung pushes 2.1 for Spica in Germany

Germans seem to have started enjoying the donut (Android 2.1) update on their Samsung Spica and have posted a small(literally) review on their website. They state that the keyboard seems to be faster which is not really all that great if you are using the swype keyboard ( if you are not you should start using it). They also state that the camera is more feature packed.

I must restate that the update might not be a walk in the park . Initially when I connected my phone to the Software provided it did not recognize my phone. Then I read on that I needed to change a few options for the software to recognize my phone, namely :

  • Switch off Mass Storage Only in Settings -> About Phone -> Additional Settings
  • Switch off USB Debugging mode in Settings -> Applications -> Development

The best part in all of this is the the bad planning samsung have seem to put in. The software supplied with the phone: New PC Studio is only able to update the phone and Kies does not recognize it until it is updated to 2.1. Not that one really needs a PC manage app for an Android phone but seriously why bundle it at all? Also Samsung India seems to completely unaware that they launched the Spica in India as the phone is not listed on the Samsung India website and a user also stated that Samsung Customer Service is not aware of the existence of the phone too.

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