Samsung Spica review

Samsung recently launched this device in India , in fact its so recent that its still not up on their Indian website.


OS : Android Cupcake 1.5 ( Supposed to be updated to 2.1 in Q2 , roms leaked online)

Processor : 800Mhz

Screen : 65K colors , 3.2″ HVGA TFT LCD , capacitive touch ( Its not AMOLED as suggested at a few places on the Internet)

Expandable Memory : Yes , microSD , 2gb card provided, upto 32GB supported

Camera : 3.2mp without flash.

GPS : Yes

Bluetooth : Yes , no file transfer with OS version 1.5

WiFi : Yes

Divx Support : Yes

3.5 Audio jack : Yes

Other features : DNSe (Digital Natural Sound Engine), Accelerometer .

Price in India : Around 12,700 INR (Bangalore)

Looks and Feel

At first look the phone looks great with a dash of red around the ok button and the speaker with the rest of the phone being black. It has 7 buttons and a Dpad . The ok button has a silver metallic look while the home,menu,call and cancel have a brushed metallic look and the rest have an embedded look but all of them have a plastic yet firm feel. The back has a matte finish which makes the phone feel great. The phone is lighter than the IPhone 3gs at 610gms .

Moving Around

If you have used the Iphone the Spica might feel sluggish at a few places specially at the keyboard where typing does take some time getting used to as its very slow at times which came as a surprise as the phone sports an 800Mhz processor . If you have never used an Android you will love the vibrate on keypress function . The home screen is great but only limited to 3 pages and scrolling around the applications page is very responsive and can get blazingly fast, literally. Again if you have never used or heard about android 1.5 you will probably hate the unlock method. Samsung provided two addition keyboards in India one being a Hindi and the other being a spruced up English keyboard with T9 functionalities and weird color combinations . Sound lacks bass but the quality of the sound is pretty good .The camera is slow and is a big letdown for the phone , it loads slowly and at times shots are taken nearly after 1 second or more of one pressing the capture button.

Thoughts moving on

The phone is a very good buy in India specially since it will be getting the 2.1 update ( fingers crossed) . Once that happens the 800Mhz processor should really put the phone ahead of its sibling the I7500 and other ~500Mhz phones in the market. I have not yet had the chance to test the GPS and the maps but will post an update soon.

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