Windows 7

When Windows Vista came out Apple went on “Vista this ,Vista that” . Now when Microsoft is about the release their new OS all Apple has to say is “Its Vista all over again” . Which is lame . In fact Apple is the king of marketing its high prices low features products . Well the rest of the Apple bashing will be in its own post , lets get back to Win 7.

Will Windows 7 save micorosoft? My answer is yes. It may look like Vista but it carrys a much bigger punch at a lot lesser cost. The first thing you will notice different is the new taskbar which according to me is great. All it does is display icons not the names of the applications which works well actually. You all know a picture is a thousand words . When you right click on any of the icons you get a jump list which simply a list of possible tasks for that application. So you can close the applications right there, you dont need to travel all the way to the top. I am not UI guru but I do know the lesser you move the more efficient you are ( A big reason I dont like the iPhone) .

Even the OS as such is much faster and lighter which is proven by the face Win7 can run on netbooks.

I have been using the free RC for windows7 for quite sometime now and am loving it. Ofcourse I switched back to vista as changing back to vista when the RC expires would be very diffcult.

When Win7 does come out its release pricing will be very important. Microsoft will need to keep the upgrade cost for Vista users under 30-40$ to make most vista users upgrade . For that price even I would upgrade to Windows 7. A high upgrade price would just allow Apple to run their stupid Mac vs PCs ad with one more line