How far we have come : Photography

I still remember my family had a polorid instant camera with 10 shots . We were as stingy as we could get. Till 2004 we used flim based cameras where we were limited to 32 shots. Rarely did we buy a seperate reel. Then in 2004 we got a mustek 4mp camera. It was good for that time. Tiny and enough . It captured 1.3 Mp images in 640×480 resolution. Then we got a Sony Dsc 90 crisp 4mp . It was a great camera but as technology progressed , for no fault of its own it looked like it was dying . After that my family has brought 3 new cameras. I have a Panasonic Fz 28 . 10Mp, HD video and a lot more I still have to play with.

Getting to the point of how far we have come , we went from 32 images in 2004 for an event to 4000 images in a 30 day vacation . If it were not for flash based memory we could not have generated 22gb worth of data.