Google Chrome

Yes I was all Vote for Firefox in the past , but its time for change. It seems like every one wants a change in everything , thus I decided to follow the trend and change my browser. I had used Chrome in the past but it did not impress me a lot , not because it was bad,buggy or borked but because firefox almost worked perfectly. I specify almost because… well it was not perfect =] . Everytime I closed firfox it crashed. It did not matter which plugin I installed or removed it would always fail. Thus I started using chrome. In the past I had heard of plugin issues but it seems like all were fixed . Chrome is simplistic , fast but not yet popular for security . Ofcourse firefox can get insanely fast by using a few plugins . There is also news that the next version for firefox will use a new javascript engine : TraceMonkey which is insanely faster than the current engine. Will I move back to firefox? Time will tell.
But for now I am pretty have with Chrome , Its fast , simple and has a nice compact unobtrusive interface. I also like its popup block feature , its a simple yet brillant solution where the popup is generated but the window is pushed way down the screen so that only the title bar of the window is visible and chrome says pop up blocked but if you click on the bar it shows you the origional title of the window and you can now drag the window to view it in all its ad spam glory. There are various other features , I suggest you give it a try.