Real and unreal : video games

After the horrifying experience using captchas yesterday I pretty much get petrified when i see a captcha . I wonder if I can sue them for causing emotional distress . Its quite interesting and funny at the same time that a simple captcha can actually scare me .

I watched a presentation on Video Games by David Perry on TED yesterday. He stated that the current generation growing up with video games has grown in such a way that virtual events can actually lead to real emotions. Its quite a though provoking statement which is very true as I am a part of that generation. Games like Doom 3 scared me, GTA made me realize how it feels like jumping off an aircraft, Urban Terror raised my senses and adrenaline to such an extent that I could feel my heart beat rise and go breathless at moments. Call of Duty made me realize how scary a war looks.

The immersion level just increases with force feed back with controllers, steering wheels, falcon controller and even the 3rd Space force feed back gaming jacket. So now you can not only feel the recoil of your gun with the falcon but also the bullets you are hit by with the jacket. The immersion level is just going to increase with time as games get life like visuals with 3D stereo displays, real surround sound.

Imagine the infinite possibilities games could take if they could take feed back from the players. A simple device to measure Heart Rate could greatly change a gamers accuracy with a gun as his heart rate varies , the games may even give bullet time like effects when there is a spike in the heat rate of a player. Games can already make their gut feel funny when they leap off huge buildings imagine how the player would feel if the game slowed down if the player actually felt the adrenaline and not just when he jumped of a height. The audio may also be changed depending on how the player is feeling. This concept may also be used as a parenting tool in which if the child's heart rate is high the game slows down or locking the computer down assuming the child was surfing porn and his heart rate went up. Yes there is the question what kind of a parent will allow a child to play such a game let alone have a funny looking heart rate meter on the child. But it may also prevent adult gamers from having heart attacks and headlines reading: gamer dies of heart attack after playing 99 hours without a break.

The game may also measure concentration levels of gamers by monitoring which way the player is looking to either punish them for not looking at the screen or pausing the game . This will lead to cut scenes being pause and the narrator/character angrily stating: are you even listening to me. In shooting games the same may be depicted by turning the head of the player's model to the left or right which gives a cue to other players that the player is not looking and they may move forward to peep out further to take a better shot.

With the help of video games companies like newegg can have virtual super marts with the inventory stored in racks , All the reviewers can make avatars of themselves which can be displayed at any point of time , shopping will go from plain 2d browser based to 3d interactive marts run like a game. It the future you might have real stores in GTA which ship real products when you buy them in the virtual world while you were playing .

Video Games are here to stay, they will just increase their grip on humans, the are currently replacing Radios and Television and in the future might replace your computer and browser.