Security vs Useability

So this is my first post. I planned to use google site creator for my blog and the freaking captcha would never work. Here is a combined screen shots of all the iterations i tried and never made one of them .

Finally I gave up on google sites and created my blog on blogger (owned by google) .This is a classic case of security vs useability . Look at EA and spore . There has been a huge public outry and even a class action law suit filled aganist EA. Then there is the ever increasing list of names in the “no-fly watch list” which detains 2 year olds for an hour .

A perfectly secure system is one which is locked up and disconnected . Any system which keeps increasing its sureness will eventually loose its usability . Who needs to decide the security levels? Is it the entity that uses the system ? or the one that builds/runs it? Right now its more of the latter and the usability at times pretty much sucks. Are we trying to protect the system or the user? Yes some users are dim-wits but does that mean we lock down the system for everyone ? Ask the same user a root password a hundred times an hour or display irritating pop ups asking are you sure?

So what do you think? Please post your comments below.