I currently am the Chief Product Officer at YourStory. Previously I was the co-founder & CEO of Odiocast and PureMetrics. Before which I drove Product at MoEngage as it’s VP and was also Employee #1 at MoEngage. At Vserv I drove developer products (AppWrapper & SDKs) as a Product Manager and a Developer Advocate. At TechJini I lead Android development & also the projects I was a part of. I am also a co-organiser at Blrdroid, a 7000 strong Android Community.

I hold a Masters in Computer Science from Florida State University & a Bachelors from R.N.S.I.T Bangalore.

My Current interests lie in Product Management, Media, Analytics, Growth & SAAS. As such I have had the opportunity to work across disciplines: Development, Project Management, Product Management, Marketing & Sales.

Some of my talks