February 24, 2014

NokiaX – The Windows Phone Trojan Horse?

The NokiaX is probably Nokia’s attempt to build a #WindowsPhone trojan horse for the #Android ecosystem. Like Amazon, Nokia have swapped out Google services for a combination of their own and Microsoft services. The devices pull in elements from Nokia’s Asha series and Microsoft WindowsPhone ecosystem. If Microsoft can start matching each of the Google Services this might be a Good play as the devices have be prices very well starting at €89 and going up to €109 ( ~ INR 9000 or $ 150) ... Read more

August 2, 2013

Windows Phone 8

Approximately 9 months after Windows Phone 8 launched, I brought a Nokia Lumia 520. My friends called me a traitor, my mom said why would you buy a windows phone, my boss said enjoy re-syncing your life. But have a strange likeliness towards the Windows Phone, it’s simple & smooth. Yes, there are a lot of issues with the OS, the biggest of which is that the AppStore experience pretty much is junk, but the experience is beautiful when an App is built right. ... Read more

September 16, 2012

Startup Weekend Bangalore Round Up

I had a lot of fun attending Startup weekend in Bangalore this weekend. This is my second time attending it and it has just gotten better. Quick note : the COO of Startup weekend AdamStelle was present at the event, which did boost the moral of the teams. Ideas where generally thoroughly polished and the enthusiasm and energy was better than last time around. I guess that is partly due to the venue not having some of the fun amenities that it had last time. ... Read more

July 24, 2012

Why Mad Finger’s Android Market Understanding might have been wrong

So two days ago Madfinger Games just made their new game Dead Trigger free . They cited extremely high levels of piracy in the Android ecosystem. The game was initially 1$ with in-app purchases. There are a lot of things that come into play when you try to explain why the piracy rate is so high in Android. It’s not like iOS apps are not pirated. If you jail break your iPhone you get an option to side load apps. ... Read more

October 13, 2011

Limiting download speeds in Apt in Ubuntu

While trying to download some software on Ubuntu at work I thought I needed to limit the speed apt downloads files so that I don’t eat my peers bandwidth. So I started searching around using Google (of course) and came across various thread which suggested using trickle and wondersharper for usermode bandwidth shaping. But then I hit upon this brilliant post which showed how you can setup apt-get to download speed as a configuration. ... Read more

July 3, 2011

Eclipse Install error : eclipse JVM terminated. Exit code=13

I have this bad habit of giving up on ubuntu and removing it after it breaks , but then I miss the command line and install it again , due to which I have it set up my tool over and over again. One of the most important tools is eclipse which I need for Android development. Usually I follow the right steps and get eclipse up and running without any issue , but twice I have come across this error eclipse JVM terminated. Exit code=13 This occurs when something is wrong with your java setup. Here are 4 possible problems and their solutions: ... Read more

May 25, 2011

API Architecture Tips

I am just about to complete a project where my company architected an API for a client. I learned a lot of things during this project. So here are my tips for API architecture . Never have a single person design an API A lot can be said about why to do this. A simple answer is when someone thinks of a solution he/she is usually biased towards that solution unless proven wrong. ... Read more

May 15, 2011

Gmail unread emails

How many times do you have 1 unread email in Gmail and you cant seem to find it? Wish there was easy way to do it? This post will explain 3 quick ways to find all those unread emails. ... Read more