March 30, 2017

Abundance sales startups

Why marketing is more important than sales This is an excerpt of my Audio post. List to the entire story here :Audio Story Working in startups is one of the best ways to learn something new. Even more so when there is a lot of competition. Analytics is one such space. We tried getting PureMetrics off the ground for a year, but found no traction. But learnt a lot. Here are the bullet points to my audio post ... Read more

March 18, 2017

Why Startups are hard

It’s been a year I started up. Have not found success but learnt a lot. No amount of initial meetings, theories, assumptions or even prospects etc. will predict success. You might know your first 10 customers, it is getting the next set that is hard Competition can be tough, especially if they have a better brand. If you have no competition, it is harder, you have to educate the market. ... Read more

February 9, 2016

Activation – The Stepchild Metric: I analyzed more than 33K headlines to verify this

When you talk to a lot of Startups or App Publishers and ask them which metrics they focus on, most will mention 2 of them, namely: Acquisitions Retention Then there are those who focus on Installs & Uninstalls, in both case either a different person is looking at the other important metrics or no one is. Unfortunately, with Paid acquisitions usually being the second best way to grow (the first one being going viral), the first thing marketers and growth hackers look at is the ROI on the money spent. ... Read more

January 4, 2016

Why people Fail.

Last month something struck me, something I have been seeing folks do for the last 5 years. It resulted in this tweet: The worst failures are those where people don’t realise they have failed. From there delusion drives you rather than perseverance — Ravi Vyas (@ravivyas84) December 7, 2015 Here are a few cases where the real failure was not looking at the signs, some of which I have actually come across in real life. ... Read more

December 4, 2015

The tale of two Googles

Google is a Goliath, it is a one of the largest tech companies which has made an impact to practically everyone who has ever gotten on to the World Wide Web. In fact, it has also changed the internet itself. It Search algorithms decide the etiquette of websites, It brought the Ad-Driven model to every content creator out there, YouTube grew into the video destination of world and Android is bringing a computer to ever pocket. ... Read more

October 12, 2015

Being critical is easy.

It’s very easy to be critical of other startups. @AskHelpchat has gotten a lot of heat, but @singlaank posted valid points in the YourStory article. It is sad folks lost jobs, but working at a startup has its own perils. Risk is a part of the Job description, even if the startup has raised millions of dollars. It is hard to imagine what everyone who are there are thinking, it is going to be hard for everyone. ... Read more

March 18, 2015

Facebook is the new Cookie, and that is how Google will crumble

Facebook this week announced their new Ad Exchange, basically extending their Video Ad network which was powered by LiveRail to Display Ads too. In short this means that marketers spending money on Facebook can now use Facebook’s targeting capabilities on other display networks, essentially converting some of the other Ad Networks to Dumb pipes and out-performing other exchanges. People hoped Mobile RTB was going to be as game changing as it was on the Web, the biggest hurdle was the lack of an equivalent to the Cookie on Mobile, due to which Exchanges started heavily depending on Data Management Platforms (DMPs) which tired to function like Cookies by aggregating data from various 3rd parties. ... Read more

March 8, 2015

The “Do you want to Exit” Pattern must Die!

Your users aren’t dumb. User Experience is an interesting field, It can be something inherited by what came before your product (Motorola StarTAC) or can be forced onto you by the platform your are building on top of (Material Design by Google, The dialog boxes on Android & iOS). Once in a while a popular design spreads it’s wings every where (Pull to Refresh) If one were to refer to the Jesse James Garrett Model of User Experience and apply it to the Mobile ecosystem: between the first & second planes, i. ... Read more

December 6, 2014

Going Downhill from “Let’s build it in house”

Are you ready to support something that is not your core product? Engineers usually have an itch; An itch to build everything they have from the ground up because at first thought it feels like it will be cheaper. They go to the extent of building a product & open sourcing it or providing it for free (Which is what probably fuelled the free App Culture in Android). It is due to this that many a times tech guys tend to look away from SAAS services when tying to solve a requirement. ... Read more

November 30, 2014

Don’t Wait For A Tech Co-Founder

When an ecosystem sees a Boom, everyone wants to get on the Bandwagon. This is true for Cities, Sectors of Industry and Career Fields too. When I was getting into College, what discipline you choose was more dependent on what field your parents & relatives thought was doing well rather than what you likes (Luckily I had no such issues) Over the last 4 years I have been going around to a lot of events in the Mobile & Startup space. ... Read more